Plants I Want To Acquire

These plants and seeds are ones that I desire but have not yet acquired for various reasons. Not all of them are terribly expensive or difficult to grow, but I just don't own them (yet). This is also by no means an exhaustive list of my plant-related desires. In fact, having to state that this is not exhaustive feels just wrong, because it's a barely measurable fraction of my true ever-increasing need to have new and interesting plants to grow, and no one who reads this blog will ever assume that I could create a completely exhaustive list--unless that list was "every plant in the world." But that isn't a list so much as a single grouped item. A list really implies more than one item, whether that item includes more than one individual or not. So, on to the barely measurable fraction of individuals!

Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' (I have an Agave lophantha tricolour if not quadricolour. I don't need a named variety, I'm happy with what I have!)
Agave nizendensis
Agave victoriae-reginae, yellow variegated
Alsobia dianthiflora
Anthurium sp. 'Caatinga'
Brachionidium folsomii
Cryptanthus lacerdae 'Menescal'
Diastema racemiferum
Echeveria "Black Prince"
Episcia fimbriata
Gloxinella lindeniana (Have plants started from seed, will probably never be without them again.)
Goyazia rupicola 'Canastra'
Orthophytum gurkenii
Paradrymonia hypocyrta
Pisum sativum "Tom Thumb"
Seemania purpurascens
Sinningia 'Amizide' (S. hirsuta X S. kautskyi)
Sinningia aghensis 'Aguia Branca' (I have S. aghensis 'Morro de Moreno,' grown from seed.)
Sinningia bullata 'Florianopolis'
Sinningia bullata X S. leopoldii
Sinningia canastrensis 'Red'
Sinningia gigantifolia (I have S. gigantifolia 'Caparao,' grown from seed.)
Sinningia hirsuta
Sinningia kautskyi
Sinningia muscicola (was 'Rio das Pedras') (I have some.)
Sinningia piresiana (Have some grown from seed.)
Sinningia pusilla (I have so many of these now, I don't know what to do with them.)
Sinningia speciosa 'Carangola'
Sinningia speciosa 'Cardoso Moreira'
Sinningia speciosa 'Regina - Serra da Vista'
Sinningia sp. 'Ibitioca'
Sinningia sp. 'Itaguassu'
Sinningia sp. 'Pancas'
Solanum lycopersicum "Black Sea Man"
Vanhouttea hilariana
Zea mays 'Japonica'

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