Plant Inventory

Updated 18 June 2021

Note: Plant names below are as listed when purchased. I have not verified they are the current/most accurate names. At some point, I'll go through The Plant List to confirm.

Need to update list with:

  • Veggie seed packets
  • Purchases from gesneriad society sale in March
  • Purchases from other plant sale in April
  • Any plants that didn't die during the cross-country move (they were packed well, but somehow ended up in the moving van; two weeks in a moving van is not where plants wish to be)

I make no claims that this is a complete list. There are always plants I have forgotten I acquired!


Alworthia 'Black Gem'; Shoal Creek Succulents
Amorphophallus henryi 'O'Henry'; Plant Delights Nursery
Amorphophallus konjac; Plant Delights Nursery
Amorphophallus ongsakulii coll. #AGA-1534; Plant Delights Nursery
Amorphophallus titanum; Plant Delights Nursery
Drimia uniflora; Yucca Do Nursery
Drimiopsis maculata; Shoal Creek Succulents
Drimiopsis maculata 'Slow Fade'; Yucca Do Nursery
Gasteraloe beguinii; Shoal Creek Succulents
Gasteria bicolor var. bicolor; Shoal Creek Succulents
Habranthus robustus; Shoal Creek Succulents
Haworthia turgida var. longibracteata; Shoal Creek Succulents
Haworthia gracilis var viridis (JDV 96-82); Shoal Creek Succulents
Hosta 'You're So Vein'; Plant Delights Nursery (STOLEN from my front steps in Seattle)
Hosta kikutii 'Hyuga Urajiro'; Plant Delights Nursery
Iris hexagona; Yucca Do Nursery
Ledebouria 'Gary Hammer'; Swansons Nursery
Ledebouria cooperi; Swansons Nursery
xPuckia 'Sparkle'; Yucca Do Nursery
Sinningia amambayensis; Yucca Do Nursery
Sinningia lineata; Yucca Do Nursery
Sinningia sellovii; Yucca Do Nursery
Sinningia cardinalis; Kartuz Greenhouses
Sinningia gesnerifolia (syn. Sinningia sp. 'Sao Fidelis'); Kartuz Greenhouses
Sinningia iarae; Kartuz Greenhouses
Sinningia insularis; Kartuz Greenhouses
Sinningia macrostachya; Kartuz Greenhouses
Sinningia tubiflora; Shoal Creek Succulents


Gossypium sp. (various)
Sinningia defoliata
Sinningia helleri
Sinningia leucotricha 'Telemaco Borba'
Sinningia reitzii 'Saltao'
Sinningia sellovii 'Purple Rain'
Sinningia sp. 'Pancas'

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