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Pinguicula moranensis Blooms

Grown in a west-facing kitchen window since last summer. Probably could use a bit more light, but it seems pretty happy otherwise.

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Ides of March Eve Dinner Party

The best way to get back to blogging? Just fucking do it.

One of my undergrad majors was Classics--I mostly took Latin and Ancient Greek classes rather than history/mythology/etc. I ran the Classics Society and started an undergraduate history and classics research conference. I kind of miss that aspect of my background.

So, since the Ides of March is Wednesday, but I work that night, I'm having an Ides of March Eve dinner party tomorrow. I looked up a bunch of ancient Roman vegetarian dishes. It's going to be awesome. And sadist that I am, I'm teasing you with the menu. Mostly I'm just excited about cooking again--usually my kitchen is too overrun by dye pots to get any real cooking done.

It was very hard to pare down to just the below menu, there were so many things I wanted to try. It's also hard to find recipes that don't have fermented fish gut juice in them (even the desserts!). So I'm just ignoring it or substituting salt. I'm only going for authentic-ish. Some of these are my own interpretations from translated "recipes," others are straight up from ancient sources, and still others are others' interpretations of old "recipes." (I say "recipes" because the originals are mostly just ingredient lists; very little information about how/whether to cook, how to prep, or what ratio of ingredients used was included. It's an adventure!)


Sweet pine nut filling-stuffed dates "braised" in honey
Various cheese, crackers, grapes, fig jam, marmalade
Soft boiled eggs with a sweet/savory pine nut sauce
Honey wine (imma get cranked)


Asparagus patina (like a crustless quiche; parboiled asparagus, stalks pureed with a bunch of spices, blended in with egg and milk, tips sauteed in garlic and olive oil and stood up in the eggmilkpuree mixture like little Roman soldiers then baked)


Cucumber salad with a honey mint vinaigrette
Roasted leeks and beets with a honey wine glaze
Rice topped with citrus-roasted fennel, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil


Pear tart
Cheesecake soaked in honey

I'm hoping tomorrow goes well. I'll try to remember to take photos of the spread and share some of the recipes on here!

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