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Getting Ready for Spring Festivals

I moved (again), this time to Seattle. Boss-man decided to shut down the company and laid everyone off, so I thought, what the heck? I'm getting outta here. I have very few plants now; I'm trying to keep the collection to a more reasonable level.

After I moved here last month, I got offered a spot to vend at Maryland Sheep & Wool. I wasn't planning on doing a show so soon after my move--I wanted to find a day job, but since I accepted the spot at MDSW, I have to spend basically all day every day getting ready, since I'm starting from scratch after selling off all of my fiber to help pay for the move. I'm trying to dye at least a few pounds every day; if I do, I should be ready for the two shows I'm vending at.

If you're in Virginia or Maryland, come visit me!

Powhatan's Festival of Fiber, Powhatan, VA, April 30

Maryland Sheep & Wool, Howard County Fairgrounds, MD, May 7-8

I have a target for hand-dyed braids, and I need some accountability to reach it, so I'll be updating this post and the progress meter below every once in a while as I continue dyeing.

Update: 1 April 2021

A little behind where I wanted to be; this week was full of non-dyeing-related activities (a spinalong I'm providing fiber for, contract work, and I'm going away for the weekend), but I made a little progress. Next week, I should have a bit more time to dedicate to dyeing.

Update: 12 April 2021

Still pretty far behind. I keep having contract work eating up my time; for example, all of today and tomorrow will be spent on one project, no time for anything else. Yesterday was eaten up entirely by labeling and shipping spinalong fiber. But I think I'll be ready for the show. I still have a week and a half of dyeing left, and as long as I have three or four good days of dyeing, I should have plenty of braids!

Update: 25 April 2021

A bit behind, still. Contract work. Godsdamn. And I have 200 braids that aren't fully dry, prepped, or packaged; and most of the Savage Blends haven't been weighed. I have plenty of work ahead of me for the trip.

Update: 17 May 2021

The festivals have come and gone, and I'm back in Seattle! The drive across the country and back wasn't as horrible as I feared it would be, but it was certainly long (4 days straight of driving each way). But I really enjoyed the festivals, and I can't wait for next spring!

I had plenty of hand-dyed and blended fiber for sale. I could have gone with a little less, in fact, but I am happy I had the variety of fiber I had. Next year, I want to have a lot of colorways, but fewer overall and larger quantities on the same bases (at least a pound to a pound and a half for each base, dyed on multiple bases). I have plenty of time to plan my approach for next year. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

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