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Live From Barcelona

I'm vacationing in Barcelona for two weeks, so I'm finally finding time to relax and do the thing I love--cook, knit, and look at plants on the street. And, of course, share my adventures on here. I'm hoping to find time to post a little, both about what I'm doing here and what I've been doing in DC. (By the way, feel free to donate to DC State Fair's Kickstarter campaign if you'd like! Campaign ends in two weeks, on 31 August.)

There are lots of balconies in Barcelona--there doesn't seem to be a lot of central A/C or dryers, so folks need their homes to be breezeways and need somewhere to hang their clothes to dry. A side benefit of balconies? A place to keep plants! Many folks have only Epiprenmum aureum, various Ficus or Dracaena, and the like, but this balcony had a stunning drape of Sedum morganianum and a crazy Agave--or maybe Aloe?

Here's a closeup. 

I saw this Saintpaulia on a bench in the artists' district of Barri Gotic.

On the balcony below the apartment we're staying in was this large-leafed Cyclamen, I think. This photo is cropped and zoomed in--I might have to try a shot with my real camera!

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