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Al's Orchid Greenhouse On The Farm Tour

The Loudon County Spring Farm Tour is this weekend, and tomorrow, I'll be helping out at Al's Orchid Greenhouse, where I get some of my orchids and where my friend Kyoko grows a lot of gesneriads. (I only have a few there that I think Al might be interested in, but we recently started a bunch of seeds, too, that are a little taking-over-y.) I might be one of the "experts in Gesneriad culture" that Al mentioned on Facebook--I prefer to think of myself as a semi-competent amateur. I'm beyond the basics, but definitely not the big kahuna of gesneriads.

So come on by; learn a bit about orchids, gesneriads, and more; and bring your camera! There's plenty of beautiful things going on--for example, here are a few photos I've taken over the years of things you might be able to see this weekend.

Many beautiful orchids, like this Encyclia cochleata, plus a lot of Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, Bulbophyllum, and more, some of which Al hybridizes and grows out himself.

Carnivorous plants, like this Cephalotus and a bunch of Nepenthes.

Get a better view of this awesome water feature in the middle of the greenhouse.

Don't forget to look overhead while you visit, or you might miss blooms on various hanging plants, like this Hoya curtisii.

You'll find plenty of little treasures, like this sneaky Sinningia muscicola in the bonsai.

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