Gesneriads For Sale

Just days after my "blogcation" announcement, here I am, with another post and a second planned for tomorrow.

I started propagating a bunch of gesneriads from seed when I moved back to the states last year: a cheaper way to expand my collection than buying individual plants! But then I discovered the problem propagating from seed: You get hundreds, thousands, and more plants. There's no space for that.

So I'm going to sell them at the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Regional Gesneriad Show, Sale & Symposium, September 29 and 30 in Newark, Delaware.

I have about 130 plants here, mostly grown from seed, some propagated via cuttings. I have dozens of some plants and singles or doubles of a couple. Below are a selection of what I'll be offering.

I have a little fewer than a dozen rooted Pearcea sp. cuttings.

The underside of the Pearcea sp. leaves

Sinningia micans, grown from seed, is in limited quantities due to a vacation-induced drought.

Here's S. micans' tuber--quite a nice size already for such a young plant!

Surprise, a non-Sinningia! Here's Gloxinella lindeniana, a Kohleria-like rhizomatous gesneriad with awesome variegated leaves. I have no shortage of these babies.

This nice creature is the tuberless Sinningia gerdtiana, a humidity-loving perennial bush. Plenty will be available for those who have, say, a huge greenhouse to grow them in.

And, of course, Sinningia pusilla! Even the tiny babies, just months old, are flowering already.

I also have Primulina 'Stardust,' Sinningia aghensis, Sinningia gigantifolia, a few Codonotanthus and Columnea, various Episcia, and more.

I might even get the chance to enter the show, too, but I'm not holding my breath for nice-looking plants.

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6 Responses to Gesneriads For Sale

  1. Oh, love your great selection! Hope you have a great time and sell a ton! ENJOY!!!

    1. Thank you Julie! If you were to come to the show, I'd try to sell you on some of my tuberous Sinningia. I've read that lots of succulent growers have specimens of Sinningia tubiflora and S. leucotricha in particular because of their cute tubers and fuzzy leaves, but there are many other ones that can be grown along the same lines as cacti--tons of light, less-frequent watering.

  2. Congratulations, they all look so healthy & lovely. I hope you do very well with them. Yes, you must enter the show, you never know! ;)

  3. Congratulations, I was went for vocation. I came home and just checking your site because i'm also an gardener :-)

    your posts are awesome

  4. I missed the show and just found the blog. When is the next show? I'm looking for primulinas and sinningias. Is there a local plant swap or sale in DC?

    1. There are almost-monthly meetings of the local chapter of the Gesneriad Society; they're having their holiday party this Saturday, and that usually involves a LOT of awesome plants up for grabs, including Primulina and Sinningia! If you miss the holiday party, the plant swap table at the monthly meetings is great to check out.


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