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USBG: Dorstenia turnerifolia

A Dorstenia turnerifolia bloom at the US Botanic Garden on 4 July 2012. It's so frakkin' funky, I want one for myself!

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USBG: Hibiscus

Hibiscus flower spotted at US Botanic Garden on 4 July 2012.

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USBG: Adenium

A blooming Adenium spotted at the US Botanic Garden on 4 July 2012.

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USBG: Bougainvillea

Trailing Bougainvillea in bloom at the US Botanic Garden, 4 July 2012.

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Anthurium scandens Seedlings

The Anthurium scandens I got for my birthday had three inflorescences on it--one was already full of ripening berries, the other two will be soon, hopefully.

A week or so after I got the plant, I took the berries from the one inflorescence and popped them open like zits (a quite satisfying experience), smearing the seeds over moist long-fibre sphagnum in a Chinese-food takeout tray.

Two weeks later, this is what's growing! A bunch of baby Anthurium scandens! By springtime, they might be large enough to sell on eBay.


Gesneriads For Sale

Just days after my "blogcation" announcement, here I am, with another post and a second planned for tomorrow.

I started propagating a bunch of gesneriads from seed when I moved back to the states last year: a cheaper way to expand my collection than buying individual plants! But then I discovered the problem propagating from seed: You get hundreds, thousands, and more plants. There's no space for that.

So I'm going to sell them at the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Regional Gesneriad Show, Sale & Symposium, September 29 and 30 in Newark, Delaware.

I have about 130 plants here, mostly grown from seed, some propagated via cuttings. I have dozens of some plants and singles or doubles of a couple. Below are a selection of what I'll be offering.

I have a little fewer than a dozen rooted Pearcea sp. cuttings.

The underside of the Pearcea sp. leaves

Sinningia micans, grown from seed, is in limited quantities due to a vacation-induced drought.

Here's S. micans' tuber--quite a nice size already for such a young plant!

Surprise, a non-Sinningia! Here's Gloxinella lindeniana, a Kohleria-like rhizomatous gesneriad with awesome variegated leaves. I have no shortage of these babies.

This nice creature is the tuberless Sinningia gerdtiana, a humidity-loving perennial bush. Plenty will be available for those who have, say, a huge greenhouse to grow them in.

And, of course, Sinningia pusilla! Even the tiny babies, just months old, are flowering already.

I also have Primulina 'Stardust,' Sinningia aghensis, Sinningia gigantifolia, a few Codonotanthus and Columnea, various Episcia, and more.

I might even get the chance to enter the show, too, but I'm not holding my breath for nice-looking plants.


USBG: Cleistocactus winteri

A flowering Cleistocactus winteri at the US Botanic Garden, 4 July 2012.

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