Trading Plants

A few months ago, I offered some Stapelia seed to Zach in a comment on The Variegated Thumb, but I sowed most of them before I heard back from him last month. So we decided on a swap--I sent some sections of Stapelia grandiflora, Stapelia variegata, and Carralluma NOID; a Stapelia gettleffii seedling; and a Sinningia pusilla tuber.

In return, I received two Amorphophallus paeonifolius seedlings, Plumeria 'Orange Butterfly' and 'Black Cyclone,' and Stapelia gigantea cuttings.

Young though they are, the A. paeonifolius seedlings are already sending up second leaves!

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3 Responses to Trading Plants

  1. i heard that these plants are good medicine for many disease..nice

  2. What a great swap, when can you expect the A. to flower?

    1. A few years at the earliest is my guess!



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