Slippery Streptocarpus

This is one beautiful Streptocarpus, isn't it? You might think so--but despite its outer beauty, its insides are squishy and rotten (in the metaphorical sense). The little deceptive harlot snuck into my home under false pretenses--I thought it would be a purple-veined flower, based on the scant information on the tag (I assumed "Streptocarpus Blackberry" would be 'Franken Blackberry Lace'). But the plant tricked me--it decided to be a beautiful raspberry smoothie maroon.

I don't completely mind such a gorgeous deception--especially because it was free and I've done nothing to deserve this beauteous display the plant's been giving me for weeks now--but I can't seem to figure out what hybrid this plant is. Which means its only value to me is aesthetic. On those merits, I might keep it around. As long as it doesn't slip in another surprise.

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4 Responses to Slippery Streptocarpus

  1. I hear you...not being able to correctly identify a plant irritates the f*ck out of me...forgive my french but I wanted to convey the exteme annoyance I feel for your dilemma!! I have just spent days trying to track down a certain type of dracena I got several years ago from Target(it was tagged "houseplant" helpful! NOT!)

    1. Oh, I always love the "mixed succulents" tag, too. But I think "houseplant" takes the cake!

      This particular plant was given to me at a plant swap by someone who got it at a plant swap. So the plant has had a troubled past, perhaps a history of abuse. I'm not surprised it tried to lie to me like it did, but y'know, it couldn't keep hiding what it really is for long.

  2. From what I've been able to find by doing a quick Google search I came up with the name "Cape Primrose
    Streptocarpus 'Ruby'" as a possible ID for your gorgeous NOID. Based on the description given on this website -

    Hope this helps, in case you hadn't been able to ID your beautiful NOID :-)



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