...a blogcation!

Through the years writing The Indoor Garden(er), I've been involved in a ton of various projects, both on my own and with others. Introducing and expanding greening efforts to Capital Pride, co-founding DC State Fair, starting new blogs, losing 100 pounds (and then silently gaining a not insignificant portion of it back after international travels and job-seeking strain)--it's been an adventure and a half!

Sometimes, I let a lot of my other life events bleed into The Indoor Garden(er)--I wrote recipe posts, I shared details about Weight Watchers, or I wrote about volunteering activities or other personal things. I occasionally took conscious steps to keep The Indoor Garden(er) at least plant-related, and at times, I forced myself to blog about indoor plants at least once for every outdoor plant or recipe post. I'm not trying to hide anything or take away fun posts from people, but I have just always wanted my blog to be focused on the very general topic of indoor gardening.

I've often gotten side-tracked with The Indoor Garden(er)--both in terms of the content that shows up on the blog and the lack thereof. I recently wrote responses to a friend for a Q&A; interview about this blog. He runs Stories in Content, a website devoted to telling the story of how web stories are told. While writing my responses to him, I realized I was just 2 posts away from hitting 500 published posts. So I shared a semi-regular community garden update and was planning on doing something special for this, my 500th blog post--but instead, I ended up going on an unintended hiatus for almost two weeks.

But that's not a bad thing. In fact, as I talked about in my Q&A; (which will be posted at some point when my friend settles into his new life in Taipei), taking a little vacation from blogging can be a good thing. It lets the blogger get a better sense about where the passion for the blog is developing--where it should travel next. I'm still in life-intensity mode at the moment, and several factors (physical [phone got smashed and can't use it], financial [no job, can't afford to replace phone pieces], and temporal [lots of unpaid things and potentially-might-pay things such as job interviews and such really detract from blogging time]) disallow me from spending much time posting even just photos. I have some choice photos set to autopost once a week for the next month or so, but I'm not certain how much I'll be able to share until after DC State Fair.

In the meantime, just know that there are several non-indoor-gardening-related things in the works that you'll be dying to hear about, and several completely indoor-gardening-related things you'll find pretty cool, too.

And to show you that I care, here's my first blossom of Saintpaulia rupicola.

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2 Responses to Introducing...

  1. Hmm, it will be quite sad with your absence, but as long as you return with some great new posts and updates, that should make up for it. Taking a blogcation on your 500th sounds fair enough to me, and I'm sure you'll return with some great surprises. Have a great break! :)

    1. Hah, I will try to make sure October posts are worth it. There's so much going on that even if they textual content isn't exciting, the plethora of photographs will surely make up for it.



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