Monday Plot Post: NSCG

I'm quite a bit later than usual for my way-too-infrequent Monday Plot Post. My plot at Wangari Gardens isn't doing a heck of a lot, but my plot at Newark Street Community Garden is growing gangbusters!

So here's a cornucopia of photos from my plot over the past month.

Larkspur flower

Cowhorn okra flower

Borage flower

Amaranth in bloom

Sea Island brown cotton flower

Sea Island brown cotton plant

The trellis tunnel arch is getting quite green--well, on one side. The passionflower and the pumpkin are growing well on the other side, but the cucumber and other squash I sowed went AWOL. I put in a jicama seedling and put in a few extra seeds, so we'll see what happens, but next year, I will have different plans.

The hops are flowering like mad on the trellis--it's nice walking through the arch with the hops dangling down. I can't wait until there are chayote, pumpkin, and passionfruit dangling down too!

Here's a look of the trellis tunnel arch from the back side. It's more unruly over here because of the pole beans. I cut down the pole bean population significantly--I don't want to imaging what it would look like if I hadn't.

If I hadn't whacked back the pole beans, you would only see a mass of green leaves cluttering up this... Oh, wait, it is anyway! The sweet potatoes are coming into their own nowadays, and with the hops and pole beans, they're creating a nice foliage cover for my figs, pomegranate, bay laurel, and ginger. Yeah, I have five potted plants sitting in that photo (actually on top of the soil within the tub that 'Teamaker' hops are planted in), but can you see them? All but the ginger is actually visible--at least partially.

I whacked back the pole beans partially because they were crowding out everything else they were near, such as the cotton, artichoke, purple bush beans, and the peanuts. They're still monsters, but a bit less crazy. The sweet potato vines, however, are starting to take their place crowding out the peanuts.

The jalapeno is across the path from the peanuts, and I've gotten a few from it.

But the past week or so, it decided to die on me. I'm not sure what happened! All the leaves just started yellowing and going limp.

I know what happened to this plant--it dried out while I was on vacation.

I've kept watering it, however, in the hopes that perhaps it wouldn't be completely dead. And it's not! There's some new growth at the base. I hope I can nurse it back to life, as long as I water it often enough.

The deer are helping manage the pole beans growing near the fence on the path.

This is my Burkina Faso eggplant. I love the angular leaves--I'm still waiting for it to start fruiting, however.

At 7 to 8 feet, the sorghum is towering over the corn, which bent over during one of the many summer storms we've had.

This tiny pepper is 'Explosive Embers.' I haven't picked any yet, because they're so small, but I'm pretty usre they're a bit spicy.

Here is the first pumpkin fruit that's starting to fill out on the trellis arch. I can't wait!

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  1. You have a great variety in the plot, looks great!



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