Cactus Jungle

Another stop on my tour of gardens and nurseries in the San Francisco area was Cactus Jungle, in Berkeley. I wandered around that shop all greedily checking out the plants, taking photos, almost stepping on the dogs. I didn't realize I had been there for over two hours until I stumbled out of the shop (with only two plants).

Manfreda or Mangave, I'm not sure--the photo I took of the tag was too blurry to read.

I didn't notice a tag on this cactus. Awesome tall, fuzzy, flowering cactus! Update: A reader e-mailed me a possible ID: Cleistocactus strausii. Sure looks like it to me!

Opuntia rubra, maybe a bigger version of what I have out front!

Lewisia 'Little Plum' has awesome flowers. This was a contender for my plant purchases, but I decided to go for smaller, easier-to-transport plants. Lewisia is still on my list to own at some point, however!

Adenium somalense

Ibervillea lindheimeri

Oxalis is a genus that's like the quirky best friend in a horrible high school romance movie, the one who's always there and never shares his/her true feelings about the main character. After a series of horrid events, the main character loses his/her love interest and realizes that the quirky best friend is the perfect guy/gal for him/her. This O. vulcanicola and the O. herrerae below made me realize that I have always enjoyed being in Oxalis' company but that I also have the capacity to love them.

Oxalis herrerae

A set of huge Pachypodium. I want one--but perhaps a tiny starter plant. I'll have to wait a few decades for them to get this large, though.

I needed a helping hand to get this Calandrinia grandiflora flower to sit still so my iPhone would focus on it.

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  1. Thanks Kenneth..

    I love indoor gardening very much. Now i'm the regular visitor of your site and definetly this site is giving lot of informations..awesome pictures



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