By The Bay

San Francisco Bay, that is.

I have copious photos from various gardens and nurseries from my visit to San Francisco last month. These are the photos that are unassociated with any particular place that I can remember. San Francisco at the end of June is a beautiful town!

A nice wall of various Tillandsia at Sight Glass cafe. The coffee took an eternity and was tiny, but it was damn good.

It was necessary to see the bridge, of course.

And I met Xena and Gabrielle. This made me incredibly happy!

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4 Responses to By The Bay

  1. All good!!!!! Especially Xena! LOL.

  2. Sorry to disappoint you, but they aren't the real Xena and Gabrielle. Very beautiful colours of the plants/flowers, very nice photo of the bridge too. Do you think the Tillandsia were put there deliberately, or did they grow there, naturally? :-)

    1. Hah! I know. I even tweeted the REAL Xena, but she didn't respond to me.

      I'm almost certain that the Tillandsia were put there deliberately. I would love any excuse to go back to San Francisco, however--I'll be sure to ask the cafe employees about the Tillandsia.

  3. Tillandsia wall is nice to see in bloom!



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