The Yogato Garden

The garden at Mr. Yogato is doing quite well without me, even in the dry weather we've been having. Over the weekend, I stopped by and snapped a few photos.

The grapes climbing up the building.

Full of half-ripe clusters of seedless red grapes! So heavy that some of the vines are falling off the wall.

Some mint flowering up against the wall.

A closeup.

The Canna musifolia survived the very mild winter.

The Heuchera 'Caramel' is growing quite well in its shady, dry spot at the base of the grape vine.

The concrete planter has mostly mint, but also lavender, rosemary, strawberries, an Iris, and self-sown broccoli. I think someone fell on it recently (drunks abound on 17th Street).

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5 Responses to The Yogato Garden

  1. What a beautiful building and gardens!!!

  2. Wow, that grape vine is awesome! 'Red Flame' is my fav, love the crunchiness. You're inspiring me to try growing one again.


    1. You *should* grow one again, Peaches! In fact, if you're ever in DC, feel free to stop by Mr. Yogato and take a cutting to root for your very own--there's no lack of plant material on this vine!

      Unfortunately, when it fruited for the first time last year I wasn't able to sample the grapes. I was in Saudi Arabia. But this year, I'm going to harvest as much as possible and make jelly and freeze fresh grapes!

  3. It's the first time I see the entire Yogato spread. Looks welcoming and neighborly. It seems you can't get away from pests - you have drunks, I have squirrels. Nice mushroom bling, too.

    1. Ray, the photo was stitched together from several photos using the Photosynth app on my phone. It's surprisingly hard to get a good photo of the entire spread if I don't want to stand in the street.

      Re: pests, I have the unholy trifecta of pests: rodents, drunks, and pets. I saw a squirrel playing with my plants at home the other day, and I have in the past seen people make their dogs lay down on top of my strawberries at Mr. Yogato. Every couple of weekends, a drunk falls on the plants, too. There's no escaping pests!

      The mushroom and sunflower decorations just appeared one day a year or two ago. I'm not sure who put them up, but I'm happy other people are keeping an eye on the garden!


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