Yet Another Plant Swap

Spring is full of plant swaps, and this was the last chance to get awesome plants before summer officially rolled in. The 5th annual Washington Gardener plant swap today was a hoot!

I brought about a dozen Episcia starts, one Callisia fragrans rooted offset, various Plectranthus, various Philodendron, a jicama seedling, some Adenium arabicum seedlings (I still have about 7 left, which is much more than enough Adenium for any one person), Tradescantia, and the rooted tip of my Synadenium grantii that fell off a few months ago.


The first things to go were the bigger plants, of course--but the Episcia, what with their awesome variegation and slight metallic sheen, went quickly as well. At the end, I abandoned a few leftover Plectranthus starts next to the chalked "FREE" on the concrete. I walked home with a basil, ornamental pepper, blue Lobelia, and a Lantana. A reasonable haul--and only one-tenth the amount of plants I went there with, which is quite a success for me! I usually end up with the reverse ratio when going to a plant swap.

Next year, I think I'll bring less variety--but larger plants to share. There's no lack of easily propagated plants in my possession (and, in fact, that's why I brought all of these plants--I took cuttings so I could keep the smaller plant and gave the large plants away), it's all just a space (and light) issue.

Now, if only I could figure out how to arrange my plants out front so the beau could rest his bike where he likes when he's unlocking the door and the landlords don't trip over anything or have to move it all when they re-landscape.

It's a conundrum.

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One Response to Yet Another Plant Swap

  1. Love your episcias! I have a few, but none as pretty as yours. Is that Philodendron 'Brazil' in the first pic? 'Brazil' is amazingly vigorous for me--will add 3 feet in a summer outside.



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