I'm not really landscaping, here--and, in fact, it's not really sidewalkscaping, either. It's mostly curbscaping. Or borderscaping. Anyhow, I think it's a nice collection of plants--lots of purples, unsurprisingly (I love purple plants).

On the right, I have a baby 'Red Abyssian' Ensete ventricosum and a 'Truly Tiny' dwarf Musa, plus a Canna that I started from seed. Then Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'; a purple-red houseplant that I don't remember what it is (I'm almost certain it's Iresine herbstii 'Blazin' Rose'); and a mixed container with Breynia disticha 'Roseo-Picta,' Plectranthus glabratus, Tradescantia of some sort, Callisia fragrans, and a chartreuse Philodendron. Further to the left has a Canna indica 'Red Stripe,' Colocasia esculenta, and 'Tiny Tim' tomato.

The area around the mailbox has a lot more plants--mostly smaller, seedlings, lingonberry, or a grape vine with 4-foot-tall poles topped with a bicycle wheel rim--but it's less visually interesting. It looks more like a propagation station (it has acted as that) than a nice curbscaped area.

I moved all of this around yesterday--some stuff went hidden on the other side of the landlords' stairs, some went to the garden plot, some disappeared somewhere else. Everything's a bit chaotic--but I wanted to share what it has looked like for the past few months until I settle on another setup.

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One Response to Sidewalkscaping

  1. Tiny Tim looked so happy....nice visually appealing mix.


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