A Landlordly Gift

I walked out of the apartment one morning this week and found these two bedraggled Phalaenopsis sitting on my steps. My landlord didn't want to throw them away, but they weren't thriving, so he decided to give them to me. I wasn't about to turn them down. (You'll read more about those bags of plants behind the orchids in tomorrow's post.)

I ripped off the dried husks of leaves, trimmed the dead roots, and gave the orchids a nice soaking to rehydrate the sphagnum moss bricks they were sitting in. Later, I'm going to repot them into smaller clay pots--those hanging baskets are too large for them right now. There is some good new root growth, so I imagine they're going to survive nicely!

On a related note, my Phalaenopsis seed pod didn't make it--it fell off sometime this week and I didn't notice.

But now I have four NOID Phalaenopsis to cross to my heart's content!

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2 Responses to A Landlordly Gift

  1. Sorry for your loss. Here's hoping your new plants will be more compatible!

  2. I got a few shriveled up brassia maculatas from Lowes. I happened by just as an employee wsa adding them to her cart of "throw-aways," so asked if I could have them...needless to say, they too had fantastic roots so survived (and bloomed!) There are pictures of them with beautiful healthy flowers someplace on my blog, which proves people have NO idea what they're tossing out!

    There's nothing quite like resurrecting plants....especially when they're free!! Enjoy!!!!


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