Bloom Time

The promised Primulina (Chirita) 'Dreamtime' blooms have started opening. They're a light yellowy cream with lavender tinges in the tubular portion of the fused petals.

Here's the side-view of the full plant with some of the up-and-coming inflorescences.

A closer photo of the flower's side--washed out from fluorescent lighting.

Here are the flower's naughty bits!

On top of the flower is something like a nose. On the inside of the flower here is where the anthers are, I think.

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2 Responses to Bloom Time

  1. That is a very pretty flower. I typically have a difficult time keeping my indoor plants alive (cats love to eat them).

    Do you ever have any problems with spider mites or root aphids? If so, how do you defend against them without destroying your delicate flowers?

  2. I really really really don't understand Chirita aren't more common. The greenhouse I used to work at would get gorgeous baskets of them in from time to time and no one would EVER buy them. It was the saddest thing ever.


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