Wangari Excerpts

When I stopped by Wangari Gardens last week, I noticed a bunch of cool things happening in the garden.

This is the second time I've seen a lady bug on my wire mesh trellis at Wangari Gardens. I'm quite happy!

This orchard was planted two weeks ago behind the garden plots. In a few years, there will be tons of fruit! Mulberry, fig, Asian pear, and tons more.

This kiwi huge kiwi plant had been donated to Wangari in its first weeks. It'll be trained to grow over the fence.

There are several gardeners who really seem to know what they're doing. This gardener is definitely one of them.

She's growing soybean--the only soybean seedlings I've seen at Wangari so far!

I noticed this other garden plot weeks ago, when the cucumber seedlings had started flowering even though they were only an inch or two tall. I've seen them do that before in response to various stresses--low light, cold, overwatering. In this case, I'd assume cold and underwatering.

The plot has some interesting decoration using rock and wood chunks. I like its flow.

But what drew my attention the other day was the make-shift protection around some of the plants, like this styrofoam cup. Perhaps it's to protect against cold nights, or tomato cutworm?

And these empty gum containers, too! Bright blue in a sea of brown soil.

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