The Summer Spread

At my community garden plot at Wangari Gardens, the peas are starting to climb the wire-mesh fencing; a sage plant I got in September at Behnke's is, er, not dead; and a bunch of bean seedlings are popping up. I'm going to my Newark Street Community Garden plot later today to see what I can do for it--I want to sow my cucurbits and plant some tomatoes and eggplant! I also have a bunch of herbs and rooted fruit tree/bush cuttings that I want to bring there.

Yesterday, I planted a bunch of seedlings that I started this winter. None of them are large--I'm still new to the seed-starting thing. I had heat mats, seedling trays, and fluorescent lights directly over them, but my seedlings are still spindly things.

The direct-sown peas are doing well; I hope they'll yield before it gets too hot for them! The beets, spinach, and other random greens I sowed a month and a half ago are finally popping up now, too. Yesterday, I sowed some cucumber, squash, and pumpkin next to the peas to follow them later in the season on the wire mesh. To support the weight of those, I'll have to get something to put underneath the center of the wire mesh arch thing.

The beans I direct-sowed two weeks ago are already up and ready to go! I don't know what I put where--some are purple, some are not. The climbing beans are near the wire mesh--the others are bush beans. I also direct-sowed some zucchini, sorghum, and sesame seeds yesterday, and planted various basils (Thai, lemon, Italian, purple), Cuban oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus), bunching onion, various peppers (unknown hot ones, orange bell pepper, and yellow Hungarian wax), and some poppies, and some columbine, and some borage. Oh wait, also, huckleberry and ground cherry. And parsley. And cutting celery. And regular oregano. And French thyme and lemon thyme. And I think one of the thymes had more parsley in it.

I guess it's going to be a crazy bean-n-herb-n-pepper party at Wangari!

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