Leaf Miners

My columbine seedlings are under siege! The leaf miners have nibbled their way through almost every leaf in each of the pots. I don't see any damage on other plants near these, but I haven't checked that landlord's columbines, even though they're just feet away.

I could remove all the leaves and hope the seedlings grow new ones quickly enough to survive. I hope they do--there are interesting ones with red blushes to their leaves. I want to see their blooms!

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2 Responses to Leaf Miners

  1. Everyone I know has had leaf miners in columbine (including my own columbine). Here's the scoop on what I learned in master gardener class:
    they are larvae of a small fly that hatch early spring, they are difficult to control with topical pesticides once the damage shows because the buggers are in between the external leaf layers, and they are rarely fatal to the plant. But hey, that fatal part may be on fully grown plants -- not seedlings. You may have already known all that.

  2. Ray, thank you for all the info! I encountered leaf miners the first time a few years ago on some plants (Datura!) I put out at Mr. Yogato, a local frozen yogurt shop, and I read all about them in my master gardener course. They're nasty (read: disgusting) little things--I did finally check the columbines in my landlord's yard, and yes, they also have leaf miners. I'm hoping that the seedlings send up new, uninfested leaves quickly enough to recover from the damage. It's good (?) to know that they are such a common pest to columbine in particular.



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