Growing Greens

I was pretty sure I had made mention of this tub-o'-greens at some point on Twitter or The Indoor Garden(er), but I can't find that reference (and it might have been something I dreamed up).

Sometime this winter, I convinced my beau to come with me to pick up dirt and a huge container to start a salad greens tub in the back alley behind our apartment. I drilled holes in the bottom, filled it halfway with dirt, and pretended it was a cold frame for the first few weeks, before the unseasonable warmth settled in. I placed the tub in the alley from the basement to the house's backyard, so it's protected from ne'er-do-wells. We tossed in wasabi arugula, baby beets, carrots, fennel, parsley, mixed lettuces, and some peas. The seedlings have been kind of struggling in the alley--they get no sun whatsoever. But as it heats up and summer starts rolling in, they'll get a bit more light and grow more vigorously.

Here's the full setup along an alternating wooden slat fence.

I attached the metal mesh for the peas to climb using just some twine--I don't want to mess up the wooden fence with nails or staples or anything.

Here's what the lettuces and herbs look like at the moment.

And here are the peas. They're a little weak--they really do need more light.

Despite the lack of light, the peas are quite happily growing up the metal mesh I put up for them.

One pea vine even has the starts of its first flower!

These babies might be closer to home than either of my other plots--but I don't think I will be getting anything close to a reasonable haul for my efforts.

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