Growing Grapes

I rarely go to Mr. Yogato anymore--I planted a bunch of stuff that can take care of itself last year when I moved to Saudi Arabia. The spearmint is quite invasive, the herbs don't mind long dry periods, and the rest of it will either die or thrive. Natural selection in a public garden. I occasionally stop by to check things out, but I haven't watered or done much maintenance in more than a year.

When I popped by last week, however, I noticed a tomato seedling in the spring bulb garden, along with the traditional presence of a cigarette butt. I'm not sure how well this seedling will do here, but I'm very inclined to keep it--people respect tomato plants. Maybe they'll stop sitting on my expensive spring bulb garden collection?

The spearmint is taking over the main planting area--toward the top of the photo is a small patch with an Iris, a columbine, some strawberries, a lavender bush, a rosemary bush, and some volunteer Datura and broccoli. I give them another two years before the mint overtakes them and chokes them out--I will probably try to salvage some of them this fall.

In the window planter, right next to where the grape vine is planted, is a Heuchera 'Caramel' (left) and one of the Canna musifolias that overwintered. I don't think it gets enough water to be a sizable plant, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it grows this year!

The 'Red Flame' seedless grape vine is difficult to really get in a single photograph--this section is over the entrance to Mr. Yogato. The grape vine continues up the building, climbing on the severed Boston ivy that had grown on the building's face for years. The grapes are easily dozens and dozens of feet long and starting to branch out everywhere.

Here is, perhaps, a better view of how expansive the vine is. (Please ignore the two girls on a speaker-phone conference call with another girl talking about who's taking whom to some wedding this summer. I tried my hardest to.)

A close-up of the grape cluster. In just weeks, this will fill out and be deliciously edible!

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