Getting Sexed Up

When my beau's assistant brought a Phalaenopsis to our dinner party the other week, I thought "Sweet, now I have two blooming phals that I can get it on with."

I teased out a pollen sac from the dinner-party orchid and inserted it into the New York gala orchid. I didn't think much of it after that, but a week or so ago, I was cleaning up some blooms that had fallen off the plant and noticed that one of the blooms had withered, but the ovary is swelling.

Here's the withering bloom that I pollinated.

And here's the expanding ovary/pedicel. You can kind of see how un-thick the other blooms' pedicels are.

So, with that encouragement, I cross-pollinated both orchids. Hopefully, in about five years after a bunch of flasking and growing seedlings, I'll have some awesome hybrids!

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4 Responses to Getting Sexed Up

  1. Congratulations! Every time I have tried to pollinate any orchids the flowers have just faded quicker without producing seed pods.

    1. CG, there's still a whole ton of chance for this sexperiment to fizzle. But I have such hopes!

  2. Congrats you are a plant breeder and it to your resume <|;-)

    1. Ha! How'd you know I'm looking to expand my employment marketability? :-)

      I have successfully set seed from Plectranthus and various gesneriads--but those are really easy. This'll be a true test!



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