Gesneriad Seedlings

I have a bunch of gesneriad seedlings growing here since I returned from Saudi Arabia. Every time I seed a seed packet on the raffle table at the Gesneriad Society meetings, I try to make a grab for it. I also signed up for a seed club, so I have tons of Sinningia, various Primulina, and other gesneriads growing in little plastic cups in Chinese-food take-out trays. Getting new seed packets is one of the best excuses to order delivery, I've found.

Two of my stars are Streptocarpus 'Vampire's Kiss,' which I had tried growing previously both as a purchased plant (actually my introduction to gesneriads, along with Episcia 'Coco') and from seed, and Sinningia micans, an impressive specimen of which was exhibited by the president of the local Gesneriad Society chapter at our show in September.

Streptocarpus 'Vampire's Kiss' x self

Sinningia micans

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One Response to Gesneriad Seedlings

  1. The Streptocarpus was updated to include "x self," per an e-mail from gesneriad friend who (rightly) pointed out that it's more like hybrid tomatoes than anything else (my analogy)--I have no idea what the blooms will look like!



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