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One of my favouritest-ever plant bloggers started offering plants for sale last year. In the spring, he put up a plant list; a few weeks ago, he opened it up for orders. Later in the season, new plants may become available.

It's not too far off the mark to say that Mr. Subjunctive at Plants are the Strangest People is one of my biggest plantaholism enablers. He blogs about cool plants; I buy plants from eBay or elsewhere. He makes a funny joke; I buy plants from eBay or elsewhere. He goes on vacation; I buy plants from eBay or elsewhere.

You see? It's really all his fault that I have so many plants. Not that I need much encouragement.

So, when he posted his plant-sale list this year, I was all over that. I purchased an Anthurium seedling mongrel that he grew from seed he got from his own plants, a red Cryptanthus, Eucharis x grandiflora, Furcraea foetida 'Medio-Picta,' Monstera deliciosa cuttings, Selenicereus chrysocardium, Syngonium wendlandii, and a gray Yucca guatemalensis to replace the one from him I had had for about a year before the USDA burned it.

Here's how the box was after I eagerly cut it open before thinking "I should document the unwrapping process." Yes, I smudged out the addresses on the label.

Opening the box to a professional-looking list of plants ordered made me feel insanely giddy, for some reason.

Finding the box full of bags and carefully packaged plants made me even more giddy. I know Mr. Subjunctive takes pains to ensure the safe arrival of the plants he sends--and he even has a "How to Pack Plants for Mailing" post that explains his process. I also know to check each bag in the box, because there might be a hidden plant or a plant part that could be propagated in one of them--in fact, I found a few chunks of Selenicereus chrysocardium in one of the bags. Granted, that was the bag wrapped around the potted plant, but still--if I weren't paying attention, I would have missed the opportunity to propagate two extra plants!

It took about an hour to unwrap the plants, pot some of the bare-root ones, and water the bunch. Most of these are staying indoors under lights for the moment, but I unwrapped them outside so that any dirt that was misplaced during shipment wouldn't end up on my living room floor. Because of the careful wrapping job Mr. Subjunctive did, all of the plants are in excellent shape and very little of the soil in the potted plants shifted around much. I had previously donated to PATSP via PayPal, so I got bonuses! Bonus plants pictured here are Ctenanthe burle-marxii and Philodendron hederaceum 'Brasil.'

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4 Responses to Blogger Plant Purchase

  1. Nice haul! Those plants look great. It's really cool to see them in the last pic since I got a bunch of plants from Mr. S and looking down the list we only had one in common. Bad side of that, I started making a mental list in my head of "maybe I should ask about that one.. and that one.." That yucca and Furcraea (I think, bottom right) are amazing looking.

    1. Bret, what plants did you get? I jumped on the Furcraea--there were only two, and I think I saw a picture of one once and just wanted it so hard! I'm always pleased with the quality of Mr. Subjunctive's plants too!

      And isn't adding more plants to your mental want list part of the reason to follow garden blogs? It certainly is for me! (Mr. S calls 'em blogalong plants--plants you ended up getting because you read about them on someone's blog.)

    2. I got Chlorophytum 'Fire Flash', Cyanotis kewensis, Hatiora salicornioides, Justicia scheidweileri (seeds, still need to start them), Nautilocalyx forgetii, Nautilocalyx forgetii, Pereskia aculeata var. godseffiana, Selenicereus chrysocardium, Synadenium grantii (green and red varieties), and Tradescantia pallida. So yeah, maybe a little be overboard (but they were so pretty...).

      I agree with the adding plants to the want list because you saw them on a blog but I've noticed I'm not really considering space when getting plants. Just today I had a agave victoriae-reginae moved three times to figure out how to fit, darn thing likes being all wide and stuff. I'm not sure about these thoughts of "maybe if I moved to a bigger apartment I could get more plants." ;)



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