Black Leaf

My black elephant ear is sending up a new leaf! I potted this baby up and stuck it in the back alleyway with some Hosta, Tricyrtis, and others. The Tetrapanax 'Steroidal Giant,' unfortunately, doesn't seem to be doing all that well. I might have kept it too moist before I found a real pot for it. I hope it roots and sends up new growth!

Here's the front of the new leaf. You can see the dark veins both on the front and the back, which I think is pretty awesome.

Here's the back of the new leaf. The petiole, too, is black--y'know, thus the name, black elephant ear.

I set up this blog post about a week ago to autopost today. I should have known that this leaf would get huge before today--it's about 1.5 feet from tip to bottom now, and the petiole is about 2 feet long.

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