I'm starting to be a bit more strict in what I bring into my garden--I'm trying to focus on what I take care of well rather than barely keep a broad range of plants alive.

So, I shoved almost all of my plants outside last weekend and kept most of the gesneriads and a few other plants inside (along with my seedlings for the garden). We'll see what will come back in after the summer.

Here is the disheveled plant shelf after some pretty major rearrangements. A lot of plants had crawled their way in between others or grew up into different shelves--it took a bit of weaving and coaxing to separate everything. Now, I have plants momentarily clustered on certain shelves. On the bottom, I have seedlings germinating and growing in seedling trays on top of heat mats. Many of them will be shared at the DC State Fair Seedling Swap. I plan on using that shelf later to propagate a lot of plants for the local Gesneriad Society chapter's sales table at the September regional show. For now, most of my gesneriads are in the plastic humidity tray or the 20-gallon glass case.

I put the glass case on its side on a shelf, so the lid acts like a removable wall that I can remove to take care of plants. I hooked my mounted mini orchids onto the grating of the lid, which is sealed off using plastic wrap, and I can just water them in the shower or using a hand mister when I need to--the added humidity of being in the glass case will probably only make them happier than they have been these past six months.

Everything outside may or may not survive--I think most of them will be fine, even if it gets down near freezing. I mean, I live in a heat island, and the plants are near enough to the house to have added temperature protection. They're also shaded by bushes, so they don't get very intense sunlight, which has helped them adapt to the transition.

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