Party Favors

I was in New York for the past few days to attend a gala that my beau's employer organizes each year. During the last gala, which I didn't attend, I ended up being offered a job in Saudi Arabia--I guess bringing me this time could have been an internetional-employment preventative measure!

Most of the time I spent in the city was in the hotel room, working on various freelance pieces. During the gala, I kept eyeing the Phalaenopsis on the table--yellow with purple stripes of various frequencies, pure white, purple, all the standard colours in fairly standard forms.

At the end of the night, plantaholic that I am, I asked one of the staff what they were doing with the orchids and could I take one home? Apparently, the announcement had not been made that folks should take them, so I went around and nabbed this purple-ish one that I had been eyeing two tables over. I also picked up no less than four others on separate trips-but I ended up giving them away to hotel staff at the coat check, one of the ones I picked up walked home with Audra McDonald and her daughter (although I didn't think to offer them one when I went up to speak with them earlier in the evening, between orchid nabs), and the second-to-last went to the waitress at the hotel restaurant after the gala. I think it's safer to have only the one, anyhow.

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