New York Plant Grab

While I was in New York City the other week, I went to my current favourite plant shop in the city. I don't actually know what it's called (Google maps and residents' recommendations call it Gea's Garden Jewels, the business cards at the location call it Cristals [sic] Garden), but it sells gemstones and plants in a cramped location in the East Village of Manhattan. It's a cute little place with a bunch of Tillandsia, bonsai, and some pretty standard tropical houseplants. My interest, however, is the assortment of small succulents it sells.

So, while there, I ended up picking up quite a number of small cacti and succulents, including a Sempervivum that the beau liked, a Haworthia, a Gasteria, some Opuntia-looking plants, and one that looks like pine cones glued together.

The cactus has since opened its flowers! And several of these ended up in a succulent planter with some plants that I previously had.

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One Response to New York Plant Grab

  1. Note to self from horticulturalist friend who walked home yesterday with a gray pine-cone-looking section that the mailman or rat knocked off: it's Tephrocactus articulatus, AKA spruce cone or cholla cactus.



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