Post Of Desperate Interest To You

I should have planned this one a bit more in advance. I got busy last week with freelance projects, and forgot to post a PODITY. I think every other week is probably a better time frame anyhow, especially when I start getting busy--because then I'm not on Twitter or elsewhere much, either!

This po-ditty edition is starting to get into the "Hey, I do other stuff than The Indoor Garden(er)" area, some of which I've mentioned before. I sometimes blog on Petal Tones, the National Capital Area Chapter of the Gesneriad Society; I freelance for scientific news publications, among other outlets; I still handle the Twitter account and website for DC State Fair, even though I'm no longer on the board; and I write other blogs such as Agritate, my attempt at a blog focused on agricultural science. I think it's entirely appropriate to pull some of that content--as long as it's remotely related to gardening or what's going on here! Mostly. Not entirely. But at least vaguely. I do so try to be thoughtful of my readers' interests.

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