Mr. Yogato Garden Year 4

I'm traveling in South Carolina right now, working and attending the boy's father's wedding, so I apologize for the lack of posting! Although, do I really need an excuse?

Not long ago, I went for a walk around town, ending up at the frozen yogurt shop Mr. Yogato, for which I still call myself gardener. The garden I started back in April 2009 has seen a lot of changes in its only three full years under my ambivalent care.

During the first year, I focused a lot on edibles, and I was pretty uppity when people sat on my plants. I harvested incredibly long Italian squash, strawberries, mint, and some rhubarb, and eagerly awaited the day my grapes would grow large enough to flower.

The second year had a lot more ornamentals--I installed the bulb garden, added some herbs, and broke my collarbone twice. I ended up leaving the plants to their own devices for most of the summer, meaning they were dry beyond belief most of the time.

Going into the third year, 2011, I was preparing for working in Saudi Arabia. So the garden ended up with an infusion of new ornamentals that I didn't offload to lucky DC-area gardeners--foxtail fern, toad lily, Canna musifolia, and more. The grapes bore fruit while I was gone, the garden may or may not have thrived--I'm not terribly sure, to be honest.

When I returned, there was a crazy patch of broccoli next to self-seeded Datura in the strawberry/herb patch, and the grape vines were in desperate need of trimming (which I still haven't done). There's a lot of work to be done in this garden--and I'm thinking of letting it all go to the mint and grapes. I want to reclaim my bulbs, which have had a rough go of it in the heavy clay soil that people sit on or drop their bags on. I also want to try to maintain the appearance of the garden without tending to it--mint is probably the best choice. The self-seeded broccoli and Datura get too wild and scraggly without attention. It might take a few years to fully eliminate all the seeds they've dropped over the past year.

But! When I stopped by the other week, there were some enhappying things going on.

I'm always excited when the columbine returns in the spring. These have red and yellow flowers--I impulse-bought a small plant one fall from a plant vendor at the Dupont Circle Farmers' Market. It has done well enough in the spot, hidden among the broccoli, Datura, herbs, and strawberries.

One of my favourites in the bulb garden is this Iris reticulata. They are cute, and often the first to bloom in the early spring. Also, this is perhaps the one bulb that the owner of Mr. Yogato planted himself (my attempt to get him attached to the garden and hold an emotional stake in it! I'm so going to leave him a couple of these bulbs for his personal use when I remove the Crocus, Iris, and other bulbs.).

And, something a little less pretty--someone's eggsperiment on the windowsill next to the base of my grapevine monstrosity. I didn't really read the card or get close enough to the eggs to figure out what was going on, but that dish with the eggs has been there for a few weeks (I saw it again when I went back last week).

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5 Responses to Mr. Yogato Garden Year 4

  1. Thankyou so much for your help identifying my mystery plant!!! I am so excited to know...and especially to hear I can root it easily!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. I love columbine! I'm glad you gave us an update, I always love to see what happens in that garden :)

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  4. I struggle every year to grow datura from seed, and yours effortlessly reseeds itself. Go figure.

  5. I love Mr. Yogato. Any flavor + Li Hing powder! I love the smell of Iris but their weird 2D foliage weirds me out. :-)


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