The Brown Turkey fig cuttings I picked up two weeks ago are already showing signs of happiness! Little baby figs are fleshing out on my cuttings--I don't see roots yet, so it would probably be best for the cuttings if I nipped these fruit off. But I can't bring myself to do so!

I chopped the two branches I picked up into roughly 8-inch sections, netting 8 potential trees from two trashed twigs. I stuck them in plastic containers I had in the recycling bin, with a mix of peat, perlite, a tiny bit of vermiculite, and potting soil for some nutrients but mostly some moisture retention and a bunch of drainage. Because I placed them in the 20-gallon glass case I got off Freecycle and wrapped the mesh lid with plastic wrap, there's not a lot of need to water these cuttings for now. I'm keeping an eye out for signs of molding, but it seems like the cuttings are fine so far. I also have a succulent trailer that I somehow ended up with and some lavender and rosemary cuttings from my plants at Mr. Yogato--the mint is taking over everywhere, and I haven't trimmed the grape vines in two years, so it's quite chaotic over there now.

Although my poll asking what to do with this tank yielded the answer I was secretly hoping for ("Buy awesome new plants to create a wicked landscape, augmenting the design with plants you already have."), I'm going to use it initially to propagate plants to share. Once steady employment becomes the norm, however, it better watch out, because I'm going to fill it to the brim with awesome, amazing, beautiful new plants!

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One Response to Figtastic

  1. I think you do not have to bother to snip off the little figs - and risk damaging the cuttings or adjacent vegetative buds in the process - since in my experience figs are pretty good about dropping fruit when they cannot support them, without any harm done to the plant.


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