When the USDA stopped by my place and confiscated all of the plants I brought back to the country after moving them to Saudi Arabia, I was devastated.

But, thankfully, there was a Gesneriad Society chapter show that I helped out at and purchased plants from, and many friends were quite willing to provide me with cuttings or plants from their collections to get me started again.

But even so, my zeal for gardening withered away with the loss of every single plant I've tended for the past three years. I'm slowly learning to love these new plants, but it's not the same.

Yesterday, however, during the first-ever fertilization/repotting/care-taking event since I moved back to the states, I discovered that a lot of the plants I have are doing quite interesting things. The first of which is this Callisia fragrans, which has some red variegation--and an offshoot from one of the larger cuttings.

I'll be posting a couple other things over the next week, so keep your eye out for fun plant happenings!

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2 Responses to Care-Taking

  1. That would be devastating. I've had to prune my collection down when moving but never lost it all. I just received some seeds today. I'm trying to figure out if I should start them or not. I have an interview Monday for a job in Alberta!

  2. It took me a long time to realize how much the tragedy affected my desire to continue growing plants. Luckily, I didn't kill many of the ones shared with me (some unrooted cuttings rotted, some small-potted plants dried out when I went on vacation, and I overwatered the ginger from old kitchen supplies).

    A few days' wait isn't terrible--but if you get it and have to move the seedlings, well, that's tricky!

    Remember when I said I'm jealous you live in Canada? Why do you live closer to all of my friends than I do? Say hi to my peeps out in C-town, will ya?



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