What Should I Do?

I posted on Freecycle the other day, looking for an aquarium/vivarium/what-have-you for some of my humidity-loving plants (various gesneriads, some tropicals, orchids, the usual).

I got a bite almost immediately, and went to pick up the 10-gallon tank I was told would be waiting on the fellow's porch. Metroing down toting along my heavy-duty blue IKEA bag to carry the little thing, I was a little confuzzled--and very excited--to see something twice the size I was expecting.

So, now I have a problem. It won't fit on my plant shelves, which I just rearranged to utilize the fourth growing shelf and have space for seed starting. I have a couple of options for this glass case (30" x 12" x 12"), all of which depends upon me getting some sort of extra light source and somewhere to put the thing. But I'd like your input, just because I'm trying to figure out ways to make this a multipurpose case, which'll invite all sorts of trouble.

What should I do with my new glass case?

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9 Responses to What Should I Do?

  1. well, grrr I'm not on twitter so I can't see it! I have faith in you, since you are toting around an IKEA blue bag I know you can dig deep and pull out some of that famous IKEA organizational vision :)

  2. Okay, now I see the photo, wow that's a long 10 gal! I definitely would create some type of "landscape" or whatchacallit LOL, no snakes!!!

  3. Aw, man... My cousin has a snake, and I've been jealous for years. She feeds it frozen mice. Although I'd be fine with a lizard who eats crickets, too. Or a ton of new plants.

    Well, this is why there's a poll. :-/

  4. I wouldn't be opposed to a couple of tiny frogs LOL... snakes are smelly!

  5. Once you go lizard, you never go . . .



    . . . never get confizzled?

  6. Apparently people are greeting. Currently top votes for propagation to share share plants! I certainly didn't vote for that... no... not at all... I also voted for buy awesome new plants!

  7. Wow! That's a pretty nifty aquarium. I'm not sure what I'd do with it. Maybe cave in and get some gravel and some black mollies. I sort of miss having fish but ultimately I loathed having to change the water and etc...

  8. I would have put fish on the list--except that as I was exiting the metro station, one of the ends of the case hit the little turnstile and cracked. So I taped it, and it'd be fine for plants or slithery pets, but not a case full of water, unfortunately.

    I can't wait to see what ends up being the number one poll choice.



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