Testing My Will

When one attends a seed exchange, or any plant sale, it's hard to keep in control. You start wanting everything in sight--it's like eating at a buffet, but for your plant obsession.

After the Washington Gardener seed exchange last weekend, I wandered around the glass house at Green Spring Gardens with the beau, who had biked out there to surprise me. There was an awesome collection of succulents, bromeliads, and tropicals, as well as a nice showing of gesneriads with Streptocarpus predominating. (Those photos will appear in a post on Petal Tones, the blog of the chapter of the Gesneriad Society I belong to, sometime this week.)

It was hard to stop myself from saying "me want!" every time my eyes moved to look at a different plant. The glass house wasn't large--it was probably only twice the size of my bedroom. I snapped a few photos of some plants I liked most.

I have a big heart-on for Cryptanthus, but I haven't seen variegated ones like this and the one below in person before.

I've always wanted a Monstera--now I know exactly which one I want!

I'm a sucker for Cyperus. I need to get me a pond to grow some in!

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4 Responses to Testing My Will

  1. I LOVE Cryptanthus. For some reason I don't own any. I need to remedy this situation.

  2. Cryptanthus is a slippery slope! Just as a lot of plants, they can get expensive--and of course, the more interesting ones you want to buy are $20 or more for a single pup!

    I'm sure people at the university greenhouse would have some to share, however. I've also wanted to try some from seed--you might have luck with that!

  3. I need that dreamy variegated Monstera deliciosa. Need it.

  4. I just found a variegated Monstera and I couldn't be happier. I don't know why they're not more available, to me they're the height of exotic beauty.




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