Seed Exchange In Story Form

Today, I biked out to Virginia for the annual Washington Gardener seed exchange. I would have gone to the one in Maryland last weekend, but I was selling my home-cooked goodies at the DC Grey Market (quite successfully, but I haven't posted about that yet!).

I live-tweeted a lot of the exchange--the presentations were engaging and informative! There were a lot of gardeners at the event who had their phones out, typing away (though none as furiously as I was!). Below is a Storify timeline (slightly adapted to make responses easier to figure out) of the tweets that led up to, that occurred during, and that happened after the seed exchange today. Not everything is there in its entirety, but pretty much.

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2 Responses to Seed Exchange In Story Form

  1. I have always wanted to go to a seed exchange. Im just never home long enough to partake. Great Post!

  2. There are always "virtual" exchanges through snail mail! Less of a frenzy, perhaps, but another great way to get interesting seeds and meet other gardeners!



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