Schlumbergera's At It Again

It seems that the other half of the pot of Schlumbergera I got on sale a year ago for $1 decided to blossom. It looks as if it's the same variety as the other half, which flowered in November. It's not quite Christmas, definitely not Thanksgiving, but it's not Easter yet, either. Could this be a Valentine's Cactus? Maybe I've found a new common name to muddy up the works!

Alright, let's not get carried away. It has the same pale peachy petal colouring with the intense pink stigma.

While getting the hydroton and sphagnum for some repotting and terraria projects the other night, I looked up--and saw this towering over me. It's a stretch, but I think Schlumbergera could be a candidate as a cyclanthophobia-inducing flower.

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2 Responses to Schlumbergera's At It Again

  1. I love the peachy colour. Very nice.

  2. I have one of these, bought as a "Thanksgiving cactus" but it blooms in February. I refer to it the "President's Day" cactus. This year the buds dropped off when we hit a week at 60-70 degrees:-(



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