Post Of Desperate Interest To You

Or, PODITY, pronounced poe-ditty. As in "Basing product marketing ditties for television commercials on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe will appeal to only a fraction of the target audience--if any at all. So, it's probably a bad idea. Unless we're marketing suicide machines? No? Yes, then it's a bad idea. Next!"

Or perhaps it's a cutesy name for the po-po? I could see a frequent customer of the men and women in uniform building a special relationship with them and calling them "po-ditty" when they are getting arrested. (I have recently been watching a lot of Reno 911. My bad.)

So, why is this a PODITY? It's a blatant misnomer. It's not remotely important to you and probably only nominally interesting.

But since I finally got around to utilizing Storify the other week, and I've been so inconsistent on the blog since forever, and Twitter has stolen a lot of content that could have become blog posts... I'm going to Storify tweets related to The Indoor Garden(er) every week or so so I can share what's going on with my non-Twitter folks. Plus, y'know, there are a lot of really interesting things going on. At least, interesting to me. Perhaps not desperately so... But, okay, c'mon, I just like saying "po-ditty."

And, after writing that, I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and decided that this is, in fact, the most appropriate word possible to describe these posts. Po ditty: one who lacks appreciation from others, noun. I don't want those tweets to be unappreciated, so I have to share them! (I love rationalizing things I'm going to do anyway.)

This is what happened at The Indoor Garden(er) on Twitter since the seed exchange almost two weeks ago. (I'm being very selective with these tweets and only choosing ones that directly apply to plants I have, will have, or have had or other garden-specific things, rather than interactions with people about gardening or tips and such. Otherwise, it would just be way too much for me or you to handle. You may have noticed, but I'm a little chatty.)

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One Response to Post Of Desperate Interest To You

  1. My Pandanus fascicularis seeds never sprouted! This brings me much sadness because I agree a plant collection needs pandanus!



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