Saudi Universities Offer Cash in Exchange for Academic Prestige

Originally posted on Agritate, which is no longer active.

Okay, so, yes, Saudi Arabia has truly been buying prestige in the science academic world. The other side of this story that’s only briefly touched is the whole building a knowledge-based economy thing—they’re trying a ton of different tactics. This is just one weapon in their arsenal, and it seems to be rolling along nicely. The test will come when those researchers have to actually put the work in to train Saudi students in their field of expertise. I expect a bunch of them will probably take the money and flake a little on the follow-through, but I’m sure that’s factored in to the Saudi’s plans.

Full-time professorial direction of world-class scientists would be better, but even a little exposure to the highest caliber of Western scientific research is better than not having any for up-and-coming Saudi scientists.

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