A Thoughtful(?) Mother

The last time I was actively looking for a new job, before taking the one in Saudi Arabia, my mother sent me a few clippings of jobs, for example, at the Winchester Star, her local newspaper. Now that I'm back in the states and in the market for employment again, she's started sending clippings again--with little notes of encouragement (or evil-doer monologues revealing in great detail her nefarious plot, complete with maniacal laughter?).

I'd love to be an Arboretum Assistant (and, in fact, there was a similar position listed recently for the National Arboretum here in DC, but I think it became available in that short period between when I had decided to work in Saudi Arabia and when I decided to come back), but sorry, mom, I'm not moving out to the Virginia mountains without the boy! She'll just have to stop inside DC the next time she drives past.

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