New Digs

It has been one month and three days since I returned to the US, and I have only just set up a plant-growing area today. Oddly enough, the way it worked out, there's more space in the living room in the apartment I now share with my beau; I sold the TV last week, so I moved the "TV stand" into the kitchen to store cooking supplies, rearranged the three bicycles in the hallway, and rotated the couch and recliner so now we even have some empty floor space!

But this isn't about furniture placement. It's about plant placement. Unfortunately, where I wanted to put the grow shelf (which would have kept the previous living room arrangement almost undisturbed except for the "TV stand") was in the direct path of the only air-conditioning unit in the apartment. I didn't want all that air blowing directly on my plants. Where they are now isn't exactly far away from the window unit, but they don't get direct drafts that I can feel.

The top-top shelf holds one shop light that will shine on the second shelf, where seed starting will occur; the third shelf is the only one with fluorescent bulbs at the moment, so most of the plants are there, with the humidity grow chamber (a clear plastic storage tub from Target) on the fourth shelf to catch any excess rays; the fifth shelf will hold propagation material (potted-up seedlings, rooting stolons, leaf cuttings, etc.) for sharing, planting, and such. The bottom shelf has a bunch of random supplies: sphagnum, peat, vermiculite, little pots, and the like.

Soon, I'll have all the fixtures full of fluorescent T-12 tubes (on a timer from 7 AM to 7 PM) and the shelves full of fun and funky plants that are completely reasonable to grow in a basement apartment! (I'm trying this new thing whereby I grow plants that do reasonably well in my environment. It's not a new concept to me, but it's amazing how rewarding it is to see a plant thrive instead of just survive!)

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5 Responses to New Digs

  1. Yay for sharing an apartment with your beau!

    Your plants should do great with such a well thought-out set-up.

  2. I'm glad to see you're getting settled back in. :)

  3. First off, congrats on the new house and partner setup, exciting times! Second, I LOVE that you have 3 bikes in your house, we do too LOL! Sometimes I feel like other people probably think we live like a dorm-mates in college only with kids, but I just decorate around them, embrace the bike!

  4. College, thank you for your applause! I think we're both a little shaky about the whole moving in so fast thing (we've only been together about a year), but it's much better than living halfway around the world from one another. And I do hope all my new plants do swell--except for one Achimenes, everything seems to be doing really well!

    Always nice to see you around, Mr. A! I have a special post just for you coming up soon.

    Erin, it *is* very exciting! Almost more exciting than moving to Saudi Arabia was! Which is where I bought my trail bike: a Trek 4-Series 4300 with disc brakes. The two Specialized bikes are my beau's: one for commuting, and the carbon-fiber one for when he does his crazy-long rides into the country. "Y'know, just 30 or 40 miles outside of DC are some really great farm vistas..." Yeah, that's great for the people who can make it that far, but I'm not sure I'm there yet...!

  5. I'm just getting back to reading your blog regularly, but I've got a little "gift" for you anyway, the Versatile Blogger Award:


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