Growing Streptocarpus

During the National Capital Area Chapter (NCAC) of The Gesneriad Society's semiannual show and sale two weeks ago, I got the chance to hear Dale Martens talk about taking care of and propagating Streptocarpus. Dale is a gesneriad hybridizer--if you see anything named with "Dale's ..." or "Heartland's ..." or "Texas ...," it might have been hybridized by her!

She was a right raucous woman--I laughed through her Streptocarpus seminar (and not like I laugh when I watch movies like "Machine Girl," but like I laugh when an intelligent, talented person presents something in a unique and engaging way).

I wrote a big long post on Petal Tones, NCAC's blog accompaniment to their monthly-ish newsletter. I'm planning on a couple more posts as well: my experience entering the show for the first time; clerking for the first time (and clerking for judges who were judging one of my own entries); and the other seminar I was able to attend, by Brian Connor on propagating gesneriads).

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