Gesneriads On Broadway

This past weekend was the National Capital Area Chapter of The Gesneriad Society's semiannual show and sale, the theme being "Gesneriads on Broadway." Behnke's, in Beltsville, played the most amazing host for the show (and yeah, they're also a prize sponsor for DC State Fair!).

It was a really great experience for me--I was there most of Saturday and Sunday, volunteering, hanging out, learning about gesneriads, and, of course, buying plants!

I brought three entries to be judged: a monochrome print, a terrarium, and a dish garden. The plant material came from Kyoko's plants at Al's Orchid Greenhouse two weeks before the show (seeing as how I didn't have anything good enough from Saudi Arabia [and the USDA read my blog and confiscated my plants last week, anyway, so it's a good time to have a plant show and sale--I needed to rebuild my collection]), and the photo was of Chirita 'Dreamtime' from earlier this year--grayscaled and cropped. It printed a lot less in focus than the digital version made it seem (I mean, I knew it was out of focus, but the print version was much worse).

I got a "healthy but mislabeled plants and no design concept" for my dish garden, a second-place ribbon for my photo, and a third-place ribbon for my terrarium--as well as People's Choice, which came with a $25 gift certificate to Behnke's! I plan on posting my experiences on Petal Tones, NCAC's blog version of the monthly-ish newsletter I used to co-edit, so I won't go into too much detail about it--but I have a few fun stories to share!

But let's get to the new plants:

  • 6 Saintpaulia:
    • 'Newtown Grape Suzette'
    • (#)'Northern Attitude' leaf
    • 'Mystic Mermaid'
    • Saintpaulia confusa
    • (*)NOID, normal-size rosette, purple flowers with white edging, dark green almost purplish leaves
    • (*)NOID, miniature rosette, purple flowers with white edging, purplish leaves
  • Saintpaulia 'Optimara Little Ottawa'
  • (+)Columnea colombiana
  • 2 Streptocarpus
    • 'Bristol's Moose Stash'
    • 'Christmas Morning'
  • Achimenes 'Tiny Red'
  • Smithicodonia 'Heartland's Joy'
  • (+)Codonatanthus 'Sunset'
  • (+)Nematanthus 'Cheerio'
  • (+)Smithiantha 'Pat's Pet Donkey'
  • 9 Chirita:
    • (#)Small-leafed tight rosette-shaped Chirita from Kyoko (2 different ones)
    • C. angustifolia (+)leaf and (#)plant
    • 'Rachel'
    • 'Gotham'
    • 'Stardust' (+)leaf sections (2) and (#)leaves (4)
    • C. sinensis
  • (#)Hoya curtisii
  • Sinningia defoliata
  • (#)Umm... A vine of some sort. From one of the artistic displays. I need to ask Jim what it is.
  • (#)A plant that looks like Ledebouria socialis but almost certainly isn't.
  • (*)Mimosa pudica
  • (*)Coprosma
  • (*)Aeonium tabuliforme (Really doesn't look like tabuliforme, but that's what the label most likely meant to say. Definitely Aeoniumish; I don't necessarily care about the species yet.)
  • (*)Basil
  • (*)Lavender
  • (*)Rosemary
  • (*)Scilla siberica (15 bulbs)
  • (*)Plectranthus glabratus
  • (*)Mum (Behnke's had a sale: spend $25, get a free mum. Mine didn't fit in Kyoko's car [what with her two free mums!], so I gave it to Barbara, who had given me the 4 Chirita 'Stardust' leaves earlier)
(*) Bought from Behnke's using gift card/coupon/and a little bit of money
(+) Received during propagation workshop
(#) Received through various means (people sharing or just walking around asking "Does anyone want this long-ass-Latin-name?" during clean-up)

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3 Responses to Gesneriads On Broadway

  1. One of those should be a Petrocosmea, I think. Did I really have a small-leaved rosettish Chirita?

  2. Hah! I had on my hand-written list "bedraggled Petrocosmea-looking Chirita," and the other is "less-Petrocosmea-looking Chirita." I think the bedraggled one is the Petrocosmea--the Chirita is in bloom and it was one that you had entered into the show (it's not really a tight rosette, but it's tiny, and tight-ish for what I'm used to seeing from Chirita).

    Here's a photo of the two.

  3. Petrocosmea barbata and Chirita tamiana! The latter from my infamous(?) "how not to sow seeds" demo(?), during which I grew some 400+ plants in a Chinese (actually Thai) takeout container.


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