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It has been a few days since I landed back in Washington, DC. My smuggling attempt was successful--all of the plants, cuttings, and seeds I brought made it through just fine. Now I just have to see whether they'll root. Some don't look quite happy, especially Radrumnia x Tolumnia 'Charlie' and my Dendrobium loddigesii.

This blog will be nixed as I switch back over to The Indoor Garden(er) in the coming weeks. I'll be importing these posts to that blog and probably reformatting it to look and feel more like this one.

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One Response to Success

  1. Oh, good.

    I thought you might have missed seeing rain over there in the desert and all, so I've arranged for you to get some. It was very difficult and expensive to do (and OMG, the paperwork!), so I hope you're appreciative. Let me know if I've overdone it.


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