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So. It has come to this: I am returning home. Much sooner than I had anticipated. But a long-distance relationship is terribly difficult, and it is more important to me than any professional opportunity could be.

Thus, my plants are caught in a sticky situation.

Try getting a phytosanitary certificate from the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture at all, let alone during Ramadan. Not going to happen. So I am going to attempt a sneak.

These two baggies contain about 35 plants--can you believe it? Bulbs, leaf cuttings, bareroot plants--the works. I also have most of the few dozen seed packets I recently purchased (some of the ones I sowed had too few seeds to really split them up, but I can get more if I'd like).

Let's hope customs doesn't ask questions...

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2 Responses to Repatriation

  1. I think this is life's way of telling you when you are in "that one" relationship! Good that you had the experience, but you are right about not letting something good get away from you! Can't wait to hear about the trip back!

  2. Best of luck with the move back home!


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