Pretty Plants: Adenium sp.

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Unknown Adendium sp. in the landscaping near my apartment at KAUST.

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2 Responses to Pretty Plants: Adenium sp.

  1. So pretty! I really need to get one of those, even if only for the windowsill... Are the commonly used as landscape plants in Saudi Arabia? I saw them a couple of times in Oman last summer and wondered why they were not being used more, despite being beautiful, native, and presumably adapted to local conditions...

  2. I am not sure whether Adenium are used a lot in landscaping here in Saudi Arabia in general, but there are definitely a lot of nice specimens here at KAUST! I kind of get the impression that gardening still isn't really considered a hobby here--there are plants everywhere, sure, and even a few landscaping and gardening businesses, but it all seems to focus on plants that probably won't survive without ridiculous care. But, then, one can just hire a filipino gardener here, I guess... I'm the odd one out, the one who likes to get dirty all by his lonesome!


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