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Originally posted on The Expat Garden(er)

In my previous life, I occasionally shared posts that were unrelated to plants. They were about volunteer events (often related to plants, or at least sustainability, which sometimes go hand in hand), travel (sometimes related to plants), food (almost always had plants in it somewhere), and my weight-loss journey and physical activities (completely unrelated to plants).

I am making a greater distinction about the content included on this blog, however. And so soon, I'm breaking away from that. But just this once. I wanted to share my new venture: my exercise log, Bagging The Baggage.

In the tumult in the past year, I reached my goal weight on Weight Watchers, then proceeded to balloon out and gain 20 pounds back while preparing for the move to and actually living in Saudi Arabia. It has been an incredible struggle to get back down to 200 pounds, and I haven't been able to stay under it (except when I had Doha-belly and could barely eat for a week), let alone reach my goal of 185 pounds again. The emotional stresses and lack of a community of support surrounding healthy eating and physical activity make it difficult for me to maintain the physique I had achieved just this past March. Then, I had a personal trainer once a week, semiregular Weight Watchers meetings, parkour bootcamps three times a week, and a whole heck of a lot of friends and acquaintances with various health- and activity-related goings-on that encouraged me to be conscious of my choices. Here, I haven't built such a structure of people in my life, and I find it difficult to maintain what I once did on a regular basis.

To encourage myself to formulate some sort of routine, I will keep a log on Bagging The Baggage of any physical activity that is more than a usual commute--gym, classes, group bicycle rides, and the like. I also plan on doing exercise videos, logs of the machines and equipment I use, and showcasing areas that I may do other exercises (for example: parkour). Hopefully, this will help keep me more accountable than just to myself--because I know that doesn't work for me.

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