Pretty Plants: Euphorbia maculata

I have seen these tiny plants all over campus. They are only a few inches--some grow close to the ground, others are more erect. I believe that they could be Euphorbia maculata.

The one I chose to photograph doesn't look like all the others around it--it's erect, for one thing, and has red variegation instead of the purple spots in the center of the leaf, branching habit, and smaller leaves that seem to be more usual. There are ones nearby in the uncropped version of this photo that are growing close to the ground, have smaller leaves, and with and without purple spotting, as well as ones that are erect with the purple spotting and larger leaves. I don't know if this is variation in genetics or actual different species of Euphorbia. My favourite, however, is the one pictured above. It's cute enough that I'd grow a bunch together beneath a slender, taller plant, maybe in a tiny pot for the "Gosh that's cute" effect.

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